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Michael Colton - The Robert Johnson Sessions (EP) (Cover)

Michael Colton - The Robert Johnson Sessions (EP)


  1. Come On In My Kitchen
  2. Ramblin on my Mind
  3. Last Fair Deal Gone Down
  4. Crossroads (feat. Anthony Stauffer)
  5. Sweet Home Chicago (feat. Steve Trovato)
  6. Stones in my Passway
  7. Come on in my Kitchen


Colton’s guitar work in particular is superb; it deserves a page, at least, in praise. It is at times thoughtful, bashful, brazen, and victorious, a very similar style to Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jimi Hendrix, but still unique and glorious in its own way.

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Michael Colton’s fresh and innovative take on these 6 Johnson classics is on the level with the rock gods mentioned above. Colton has depth, warmth, grit, and he can play the hell out of his guitar.

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Michael Colton - Sugar (Single) (Cover)

Michael Colton - Sugar (Single)

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